Friday, October 11, 2013

Working with {flair}

That job.  Oh man, that job.  Its killing me.  Not really.  I mean, it *is* and it isn't.  I thrive on getting something organized and cleaned (unless its my own home) and this place needs a little TLC.  Okay, a *lot* of TLC.  The last manager kind of let it go and well, I've embraced it even though it wasn't what I wanted.  The District Manager hand picked me to go in and clean house.

And I've spent the last 3 weeks doing just that.

Me and the craft room?  Our relationship has been a bit rocky.  When I get home at night I am exhausted.  Physically and mentally.  I have to admit I've been getting the best sleep at night - except for the nights where I have something heavy weighing on my mind.

I did get a little boost last week when I had to create something for the DCWV and A {flair} for Buttons blog hop last Saturday.  I created two pages for the hop and then it just flowed.  I stayed up well past 2 am making stuff.  Is it my best?  No.  Is it my favorite?  Not really.  But I got it documented and I got to play with some old and new stuff in my room.

Like the new Simple Stories Say Cheese line.  I've been dying to get my hands on this line.

 How perfect is that shutter {flair} for the center of the camera?

This was created with an older Studio Calico kit.  Circa 2012?  I've got kits coming out my ears these days and I can't even keep track of them!  The flair is from the kit.

Another Studio Calico kit.  I added in some star clips from 2 Peas.  Love those things and I bought 2 packs in each of my favorite colors.  I may go back and get more in colors I don't normally use just because I love them.  But then again, I'm cleaning this space out so maybe that isn't the best idea?

Those hearts are the wood veneers from one of the Studio Calico releases this year.  I glued them down into a row with that yellow button and string.

And in my quest to officially kill this SC kit, I came up with this one.  The roller coaster at Legoland.  My sons first roller coaster.  Now I can't keep him off them and he's devastated if he can't go on one.  I'm talking the 6 year old, flop to the ground, get my way tantrum.  The 'I'm 6 years old! I'm old enough to ride!' tantrum.  Never mind the fact that he's just 1/4 inch to short to go on it and that ride operator is just not going to budge.  I even had one ride operator at the fair this summer ask me to have him remove his shoes.  With them, he was at least an inch above the minimum.  Without them?  Just under.  She wouldn't let him on.  And this was a tame ride.  Compared to the others he'd been on just moments before that had us defying gravity.

Anyway, I found this picture in my stack of amusement park photos and the look on his face as he rode that ride with Grandma just slayed me.  That 'Bucket List' flair was laying in a pile on my desk at the time and for some reason, it worked.  Since riding this, he's had his dad look up roller coasters on Youtube and he watches the videos.  He vows to ride every one of them some day.  His Roller Coaster Bucket List.

We'll see if this recent creative spark continues.  I hope it does.  In the mean time, I'm also cleaning this room getting ready to move.  I've already listed some punches for sale.  There will be more.  Lots more.  Stay tuned to this little space.


  1. So glad you got some scrappy time in, your layouts are great! Love how you used the ribbon on the Lemon Pickers layout and the flair is super cute!

  2. Glad you found some time to scrap. Love the flair as the camera center!

  3. Sorry works been a bear for you, I know how that goes but glad you were able to find some play time. You certainly got a lot done and those layouts are all great. I have some of that SS say cheese line too so I can see why you were eager to scrap with it. Again, wonderful pages.