Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dot Containment

There should be a 12 step craft hoarders recovery class for people like me.  I see something I like and I have to have it in every color.  Just because.  I might use it one day.  You never know when you'll need  this.  You name it, I've used it to justify.

I'm not sure where my first package of dots came from (MME maybe?) but I've been collecting them since I held a package in my hands and fell in love with those awesome little enamel circles.

So in love with them, they I scouted places that sold them, joined group buys, grabbed 2 daily deals off a daily deals site, cleared the peg in my local scrapbook store......

I've amassed quite a collection.  I have them in their packets, not organized.  I would need to flip through the entire stack to find the right color and size each time I wanted to use them.  The fact that the colors were mixed on the cars.... *gasp*

I needed organization.

Of course, you turn to Pinterest.  Nothing.  Come on.  There has to be another dot hoarder out there like me and she *has* to have them organized better.

And then this rolled through my Pinterest account.....

Oh yes!  Exactly what I need.  I found a plastic drawer at Target that was perfect.  I sat one afternoon and *cut* each set into color groups.  I hand made cardstock dividers with tabs and started loading them into this perfect solution.

Epic fail.  I didn't even take a picture because they just slid everywhere and the colors were mixed...again.

Back to the drawing board.  I had this great drawer thing and I was determined to find a way to use it.  My idea was to find a mini file folder cut file on the Silhouette.  If I had a way to 'brace' them in the drawer it would work better.  For sure.

Instead I found this cut.

How perfect is this??  I grabbed one sheet of cardstock in every color of the rainbow and cut a little folder for each color.

Yes, I have two blue folders.  I apparently like blue.  My purple and black seemed lacking so I purchased a few more sheets of black and purple dots from Studio Calico.  I may need a second one of these drawers things to hold some variety packs or other random dots (like the anchors!)

I like having the option to grab the color folder I need and finding the right shape and size.

Here's the funny part.  I finally had time to myself in my craft room and I work on this.  Not actually using my product but organizing it.

Someone posted this to the Scraptastic Kit Club Facebook page the other day and I realized its *so* me.
Add a large chunk for organizing!


  1. Great storage idea! Of course I am a dot hoarder too. Is that really a question??? LOL. I am not that sophisticated yet. I just keep them all in one drawer and sort through them all to find the right color. But I like how you've set yours up! :)

  2. Oh I can relate a little bit to buying every color of a product before I have even half - finished the first one. I have a very colorful basket of dried up paints to prove it!!