Wednesday, January 17, 2007

100. Finally

Finally made it to 100 posts.

Note for the day:
Yes, I'm still a Kings fan. No, I will not switch over to the Ducks. All Duck fans need to stop emailing me, calling me, tormenting me in public and waving posters of Teemu Selanne in my face. Maybe if Teemu whined a little less, I might like him a little more. Nah, he's still a Quacker.
So, to all of the prepubescent fans at the Ponda - enjoy the rest of the season. Injuries suck. :)

The Kings on the other hand, have managed to set new records I'm sure. Like the 'how many goalies can you possibly own' record. I've been keeping myself very busy with a new website while they were on their roadtrip loosing and giving a Japanese goaltender his first shot at the NHL. What other records have do we hold? The 'we'll let any rookie score his first goal against us tonight' record.

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