Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So, while the rest of my friends in Manchester, NH are planning their trips to Houston, TX to see the Monarchs play the Aeros, I'm stuck at home. The fear of flying has me grounded until I can take my ativan again. 800 of my unmet friends will be there and they graciously offered to make sure Jason knew my presence was missing. How nice of them. :)
This was my one and only chance to see him play in person this year - thanks to Beachball Dan and his lovefest with Coach Crawford.

And I won't be there to wish him a happy birthday. Now what kind of Fan Club President does that make me??? Not a very good one. Its a good thing I was self appointed or I might be stripped of my title.

So, to all of my friends who will be going to Houston without me - Enjoy Mullet Night for me!


  1. Babs will know you were there is spirit.

  2. I have your Jason and you have my Barry. We're even.