Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just when

I get ahead on taking pictures of projects, the PC dies.

I'm a PC geek. I should know how to fix this stupid thing. But its not letting me fix it.

USB ports are not working. CD ROM is not working.....

SD Card Slots are not working either.
My only hope is to Fdisk this stupid box and start over. I'm trying to deal with the issues while I make sure everything I need is saved to my external hard drive. THEN I can blow it out of the water and reinstall Windows.

Or maybe upgrade to a Mac. Maybe a Mac would be the better option.

Yes. A Mac.

And when I'm back up and working, there will be lots of fun projects to show you!


  1. Maybe? Girl I thought you were upgrading to the Mac? Come on you gotta get the web cam thing so we can scrap together. I hope you get it all figured out and get the things you need off it.