Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CHA Day 3

By now, we know our way around.  We've figured out the parking and shuttle schedules.

Off to the show!

Today is for Make 'n' Takes and more ordering.  I picked up more catalogs and placed more orders.  Oh, and more giveaways were collected today.....  (hint hint)

I check in on the blog to make sure the posts are looking good.  So far, the Design Team is really making you drool over the new stuff.  I'm so glad you guys are excited about the new releases!

More MNT's, more orders, stop for lunch, and repeat!

Then its time for the 2 pm Making Memories Slice giveaway.  I was so busy ordering product at the My Minds Eye booth (had to have it ALL) that we missed it the day before.  By the way, if you haven't seen the eye candy from MME, you'll need to look out for my video.  Not only are their products fun, but they send out the men to sell their products.  Men.  This booth is all male.  One of them even looks like Josh Hartnett.  So to say we were drooling in this booth would be an understandment.  We were drooling over the papers.  Yeah.  Thats it.

Anyway, back to the Slice.  So we headed over to the MM Booth to get our raffle tickets and get as close to the podium as possible for the raffle.  Its always a good time in the MM booth when they do this.  You can see some of the excitement on their blog.  I think the entire show floor heads to the MM booth for this.

Wouldn't you know, the film cameras are there filming for the CHA site.  

Lights, Camera, Action!

They are giving away 5 Slices and if we're loud enough, they'll give away more.  So the crowd goes WILD!

I'm taking video using my Flip camera (love this thing!)  I figure getting 2 or 3 of the winners on video is enough to give you an idea of the buzz, right?

Thinking I had turned off the camera, I focus on my raffle ticket.  As they get ready to call the next number, they kick over the bucket of tickets and they all fall on the floor.  Panic ensues as they gather the tickets and pick one.  613417.  Darn!  I'm 613419.  Michelle has 613418.  How close, right?

Last call for 613417.  No one claims it so they pull another ticket.  You can tell by the look on their faces that the next ticket is.....well....close to the first ticket.  So the crowd goes wild guessing the new number.  6.......1.........3..........4...........1...................


I still have no idea its me until Michelle says 'Thats you!'.  Then I scream like a little girl.  All of this is caught on video except that its just sound.  What you see in the video are peoples rear ends and chests.  I thought the camera was off all the while it was still taping as it dangled from my wrist.  So you can *hear* all of this going on in the background but you can't see it.  Which is probably a good thing because I screamed really loud and if the camera had caught that..... well, you might not like me very much.

So here is that lovely video footage from the Slice giveaway.

Oh and yes, the Slice WILL be given away - I'm still thinking of a promotion for it.  Its the brand new Pink Slice that retails for $180.  It comes with 2 cartridges.  If you are interested in purchasing the new Slice, new cards or any of the older cards, please email me.  I will be happy to special order any Slice supplies.

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