Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Death of an adhesive....

When you get an email saying a product is going to be discontinued, normally you probably feel sad for the first 30 seconds and then you move on with your life.  Now, if that were a scrapbook product, you'd probably find 10 other companies that make the same thing and have no problem finding a replacement.

When I got the email from my supplier saying Kokuyo was no longer manufacturing their fabulous adhesives, I was devastated.  I love this adhesive.  I've always had issues with adhesives and I was one of those people that would hit up Michaels or any other store looking for the perfect one.

I found 100 different kinds and none of them ever seemed to work.  Those Hermafix Squares - I fought with those stupid little squares.  My roller never seemed to work right so I had to peel them off by hand.  I'd find them in places they shouldn't be.  

Then there was another roller square product - can't think of the name.  They came in a box on a roll.  You peeled them off the backing and put them on your product.  Then there was another backing to pull off.  Unless you had some special tool to pry that second backing off, you were fighting with that too.

Then I tried Tombow.  If you want something to stay stuck, don't use the Tombow.  (I hear they have updated the adhesive and it actually works.  Not in the mood to test that theory.)

On and on, I went, plowing through at least 10 more adhesives including Glue Dots and Zots.  Man, do THOSE end up in places you never imagined.  Poor Rascal had them in his fur and I found one on my chest.  Yep, never scrap in a tank top when you're using Glue Dots.....

And then, while perusing blogs one day, I came across Ali Edwards blog where someone from Japan sent her a few of these new adhesive rollers.  Something Kookiyo.... Kookoy.....oh yeah - KOKUYO!

Man were they hard to find in the US at first.  But once Ali mentioned them, it only took a few weeks for them to start showing up everywhere!  I pounced.  If ALI said they worked, they were worth a try.  

My first roller arrived in the mail.  I only bought one.  No sense in stocking up on something that may NOT work.  It was like heaven.  The adhesive rolled on so easily, stayed on and oh my gosh!  My product was still adhered to the page when I got up the next morning.  (*cough*Tombow*cough*)  I did another page and oops!  I didn't like the picture where it was.  I gently lifted the picture and moved it.  The little bit of adhesive that was stuck to the paper just rubbed right off.  Like magic.  It just rubbed away.  No evidence found.  No Un Du, no Goo Be Gone, just a rub of the finger and it was gone.

Wow.  I had to have more.  On my eternal quest to find more, I noticed more stores were carrying it, including my local store.  Yeah!

Now imagine how excited I was when I opened my store and was able to purchase this stuff wholesale.  Can you see my gleaming smile through the internet?

My mother loves the Tape n Roller while I prefer the Dot n Roller.  So while stocking the store, I purchased a few cases of this stuff for us.  Nothing like having a nice back stock of adhesive right?

So when that fateful email arrived in my inbox, I shuddered.  'PLEASE READ IMMEDIATELY'.  Those words jumped out at me.  I immediately logged into my account and tried to order some but they were already sold out.  I hit up 2 more suppliers and nothing.

I hit online stores.  Gone.  Word spread like wildfire and there were even posts on other message boards about it.  People helping others find this elusive adhesive.  People wondering what to do, what to use next.

Sure I have my trusty ATG gun but lugging around 6 pounds of military strength adhesive is not suitable for crops and such.  Its a bit hard to handle at times and a lot less savvy than my Kokuyo.  

My favorite color is blue.  Not pink, blue.  So when tools and things come out in pink, I shudder.  Why?  Just because every scrapper is a woman, does not mean every tool should come in pink.  Pink does not = Female.  We like other colors.  And my cool little BLUE Kokuyo was so cool.  It was like they were thinking of me when they made it.  My very own blue tool.

The refills were so easy to pop in.  Just pull the old one out and pop the new one in.  There was never an issue with goo buildup.  No clogging.  No tearing.  

I finally found a source.  They still had some left.  I quickly snapped up several (okay 100) refills.  I'm in a state of denial and will be until those last refills are used up.  I use less now, taking great care how much I apply.  I can't be quick to use it because its gone.  

No more Kokuyo.  It was even a cool name to say.  Kokuyo.  Kokuyo.  Kokuyo.

Its a sad day when a scrapper hugs a box of adhesives and my husband might be ready to commit me.  The thing of it is, this WAS a great adhesive.  I say 'was' because it is no more.  If you never tried it, you missed out.   If you own some, hoard it.  If you can find it anywhere, hoard it.

As word spreads, I'm reading more and more about the love for this adhesive online.  Personal blogs make up the vast obituary for this grand adhesive.

Kokuyo lovers, this is for you.  I'm printing out the blog posts that discuss the need and want for the product as well as the message board posts and sending them to Kokuyo.  They need to know what a great product they discontinued - all for some office supplies.

I'm off to hug my adhesive before I go to bed.

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  1. awww... I LOVE this post. :( I've gotta find me some... quick!!! I need like a year supply! lol