Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs.....Martha Style

So I saw this issue of Martha Stewart Living and I couldn't resist.
I had almost everything to get the job done too. I picked up the vinyl at Michaels and borrowed my dads electrical tape. Don't think he was too fond of the 'manly' tool being used to dye eggs but whatever.

Gather your supplies. If you have masks you want to use (like Time Holtz or Heidi Swapp, they need more adhesive on the back to stick to the eggs) get those and adhere tot he eggs. Otherwise, get out your diecut machine and punches.
I used the Cricut vinyl because its thin with decent adhesive.

I also used electrical tape. Trim it so you get thinner strips and adhere to the egg. The circle punch is the 5/8 inch punch and I used this to make a polka dot pattern on the eggs.

I suggest you get the vinyl adhered well before you're ready to dye. You will need to use the popsicle stick that comes with the vinyl to make sure the vinyl is tacked down to the egg shell. Be gentle. I poked a hole in one egg.

Ready to dye!

You can do the multi-colored eggs like Martha by removing the vinyl and replacing it somewhere else on the egg. Let the egg dry totally before doing this and dipping it in another color wash.

Here's where a trusty assistant might come in handy.....

Your eggs will look like this when you're done. Don't worry about the mistakes you see. I'm covering them up. See Part 2 of this tutorial to see what I did!

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