Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No more techie girl.....

I've hung up my techie girl hate (for now). Its back to filling orders, taking orders from a three year old and trying to enjoy a little summer with the family.

Its been a busy three months. Crazy in fact. I've tried to find times to get together with friends to scrap and fly kites with Nick.

Here's a quick recap.


Went to see the Kings battle the Cansucks in the first round of the playoffs. My Kings weren't able to pull it off. But I saw playoff hockey for the first time in a long time. Lets hope this is a regular thing.

Went to Bodhi's first Birthday

Sawyers Birthday and Bens Birthday

Planted a garden

Flew a kite

Ate popsicles

Cleaned the backyard for summer (disclaimer: he LOVES to clean. I can't stop him so please don't call CPS on me.)

Played in the sandbox

Raised butterflies

Blew Bubbles

Tortured Rascal

Ate Yogurt
Blew more bubbles

And the summer is just getting started. I've got a hundred pictures just perfect for my summer mini. I'll need to narrow that down this week.

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