Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Review in Pictures

We learned to ride a trike - sort of.
 We learned how to ice skate - sort of.
 We met the Kings players.
 We scored goals on Jon Quick.

We were entertained.
 We ate Valentines Day chocolate.
 We cheered for Team Canada to win the Mens Hockey Gold.
We went to a Kings game.
 We got a black eye.
 We went to the beach.
 We started potty training.
 We dyed Easter Eggs.
We cheered for the Kings in the playoffs.
 We found Easter Eggs.

 We planted a garden for the first time.

 We helped Bodhi celebrate his first birthday.
 Fed the ducks.
 Flew Kites.
 Cleaned the back yard for summer.
 Ate popsicles.
 Played in the sandbox.
 Were just plain cool.
 Raised caterpillars.
 Blew bubbles.  LOTS of bubbles.
 Went to our first school birthday party.

The caterpillars grew.....
 and turned into butterflies.
 We decorated a cake for mom's birthday.

We made ice cream.
We went to Disneyland.
 We watched fireworks.

 We celebrated G-Grandmas birthday.
 We celebrated YOUR birthday!
 You surrounded yourself with beautiful women.

We went to the OC Fair.
 You confirmed you LOVE roller coasters.
 You were potty trained and we took you on a REAL train as a reward.
Your favorite part was seeing the 'ding dong' up close.

 The 'benductor' even punched your ticket.
 And then we got off in San Lego.  (San Diego)

You went to 'school'.
 We left Ms Corinne at Tutor Time and went to Ms Kims class at McDowell.
 We went to Vegas.
 To see the Kings play the Avs in a pre-season game.

We started looking for sports.
 Went to the pumpkin patch 3 times - 3 different patches.
 Sang songs at school.
 Pumpkin patch #2
 Pumpkin patch #3
 We had a Halloween Party.
 And you got to dress like Buzz Lightyear!

We stalked the trash man.
 Met Mr. Topham Hatt
 And rode Thomas.
 Was Grandpa's Little Helper.
 Cuddled with your best friend and watched the train together.
 Climbed trees.
Had another program at school.

 Met with one of Santa's 'Helpers' at the Mall.
 Drove around looking for lights.
 Saw snow at Disneyland.
 Ate dinner at Farrells.
 Tracked Santa on NORAD.
 Cuddled with Ms Kim.

It was a busy year!

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