Monday, January 31, 2011

More favorites from CHA

So, I totally have a hard time when I see everything in person. I have to have one of everything.  In my first  Blog Hop post, I shared a few of the items I was looking forward to getting my hands on.

Well, here are a few more!
October Afternoon - all 3 lines (btw, they brought back the rubber charms.  SO cute!)

Basic Grey (For the rosettte challenged like myself)
Crate Paper Portrait (love, love, love)

Fancy Pants Artist Collection (I went a little crazy in this booth so if you love Fancy Pants, join me in my celebration)
More tiny alphas from Sass....

And have I mentioned that Hambly has WASHI TAPE now???

And let me tell you....I'm exhausted!  Walking the show floor for 4 days is exhausting.  Well, I was pretty much done after the first day.  Its so overwhelming to see everything and everyone AND try to make it around to see everything on the first day.

I have a stack of catalogs waiting for me to go through them and upload to the store.  Now the fun begins.

Watching it all arrive....

I have one more gift certificate to give away.  Leave a comment and tell me what your shopping strategy is.  Do you buy for a layout?  Buy the entire line? Mix and Match?

Comments close at midnight Tuesday 2/1/11.  I'll draw all 3 winners then.

Good luck!


  1. I kind of wander around and just pick up things that strike my fancy. But if I'm buying paper I try to buy several sheets that match in the same line.

  2. I mix & match. I usually don't buy the whole line unless it's something I REALLY love. I also love to stock up on basics that I can use with any line (inks, mist, etc.) Hope you had fun at CHA! Can't wait to see all the new stuff that gets added to the store!

  3. Oh Erica, these are all YUMMMMMMY! Cant wait to see what you all brought "home"! So excited!!

  4. I tend to buy what I love...I make it work with photos later. If I love the product, I know I'll love the resulting layouts.

  5. I typically buy lines and there are some great new ones out there! (MME is at the top of my list!)

  6. For my favorite lines I buy the whole thing!! This year I need all of Crate Paper's Toy Box and Emma's Collection!! Then I mix and match other lines and embellishments!! This is an awesome CHA!! I'm also so happy to see more boy lines! Bella Blvd's Mr. Boy is another favorite:)

  7. Ummm---I think I have lost track of my buying! LOL I used to buy for a LO---now, I buy two of everything! Okay--really only PP--because I never know when I will need to do a two pager---AND/or because that way I can use one and hoard one! LOL Seriously, certain lines I buy everything--like OA, and lately several of the BG lines---well not everything but many of the embellies, the papers and the smaller pads if they have them.

  8. I buy things that catch my eye. I hardly ever buy an entire line and I usually mix and match on a layout! Love your choices, Love the new OA and Crate Paper, both on the top of my list!

  9. I buy bits & pieces of a line to match up with stuff later. I don't buy for a particular layout.

  10. I buy my MUST HAVE's (my LOVE IT LIST)right away... everything else that I "like" but can wait, I try to wait for some kind of sale. That way I have lots to choose from when scrapping...sometimes TOO MUCH to choose!!

  11. My shopping strategy? Buy the brands that I love and trust (like Echo Park and Fancy Pants). However, it's exciting to try new things, like washi tape - I'm looking forward to seeing that in the store!

  12. I usually mix and match even when I do not intend too. I am on a scrap "diet" right now. So currently I try to buy only what I need for my current layout.

  13. Oh my what wonderful stragegy...well I don't usually have one... I mix and match a lot of htings, so I guess I buy pieces that I like from a line and match them with stuff in my stash a lot...happy shopping!

  14. I am POSITIVE I commented on this post, but now I don't see my comment...that's so weird.

    I said that my strategy is to buy full lines and then mix and match especially when items go on sale/clearance.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop by your blog one more time to see if there was anymore CHA news. I can't wait to see your shop fill up w/ all kinds of awesomeness! :)

    If for some reason my comment IS/WAS here, I apologize for posting again. I just didn't see it. I know sometimes there is a word verification required, and I may have gotten click-happy and left the blog before entering. I'll post more carefully this time.

    Candice in Colorado

    P.S. That Hambly WASHI tape is AWWWWESOME!

    P.S.S. Can't wait to shop

  15. My strategy varies. I try to shop by layout but then I end up getting sucked in. I never usually buy an entire collection though I'm often tempted.

  16. I don't buy for a particular layout. I buy things that I love. Now I limit myself to buy things just from 3-4 brands, cos I have too much stuff already :)

  17. I usually mix and match (most often from my stash!).

  18. I buy a few things from each line I like.