Sunday, February 27, 2011


My parents got us passes for Christmas.  We went once in December and then January got busy and we didn't get to go.  I couldn't let February slip by without a trip.  Nick had a day off school for Presidents Day so we went.  It was also supposed to rain that day.

We played it by 'ear'.  When we woke up and it was sunny, we decided to go.  We made it til about 2 pm before the rain hit and we rushed out of there like everyone else.

But not before we had a little fun.  I need to throw a mini book together for Nick to take to Share Day one week using these pictures.

 I love that he's tall enough to go on the cool rides.  So is he!  He loves Big Thunder Mountain.  I mean, its a train right???
 Stole these off the Disney Photopass site.  I ordered them.  I love the one where the guy had him stand like Peter Pan.

 There was a puddle of drool in the tray.  As soon as it started to rain, we left.  Thats the  nice thing about passes.  You can go for a few hours and not feel like you have to stick it out to get your money's worth.  He was pretty tired after running around for the few hours we were there.

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