Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late night visitor

So, there are nights when I work late.  Okay, lets be honest here.  I work late just about every night.  Finishing up order, adjusting stuff in the admin portion of the store, planning blog posts and kits for the DT.
There are some nights when I'm up til 2.  3 or even 4.  I've been known to respond to emails from the other side of the world when they were expecting an email later in the day.

I'm also available for chatting with friends that have newborns and are up all night.  Hey, sometimes its kind of cool to have someone to talk to when you're feeding that baby.

Its also cool when this guy gets up.  He comes looking for me and when I'm not in bed, he knows where to find me.  At my desk.  Lit by a single yellow bulb.

We have things we do.  I keep a fish tank deal in Facebook.  Fish Town?  Fish Bowl?  Something.  He likes to feed my fish and check on my neighbors fish.  We color Thomas the Train on the Thomas website. And we have snacks.  Now, the funny thing is, I did the same exact thing when I was a kid.  We lived with my grandparents for a few years and my grandmother was a night owl.  (Guess I know where I get it from.)  Anyway, I'd always wake up just in time for Johnny Carson.  (I just dated myself didn't I?)  I'd get up and have a glass of milk, maybe a cookie and then I'd watch the show.  (Hhhhhheeeeeerrrrreeeeeee's Johnny!)  Afterwards, I get tucked in again and sleep the rest of the night.

Same with this guy.  The other night, we had ice cream.  Dad is NOT a night person.  In fact, this guy would stay up late with me if he could.  Dad would be happy to go to bed early and sleep in.

Sorry for the sad iPhone pictures.
I love those single serve ice creams.  Perfect.

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