Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting sentimental - a 'why I scrapbook' post

We all know why so I'll keep this part short.

I was reminded the other night why i scrapbook again.  Its not so much the fun new papers (who am I kidding, it is!), its the pictures.  The memories.

And then I saw this video at the Kings hockey game.  My husband got me tickets to a Round 2 playoff game for our Anniversary/Mothers Day.  Great guy right?  Who needs flowers, dinner out and romance when you can have a HOCKEY game?!?  Live and a playoff game even!

Sorry.  I was really excited to go.  But the reason for this post.......
Watch the video and at about the 30 second mark you'll see it.

Photos of the players as kids.  I almost burst out crying when they showed this at the game.  I did tear up. My son hates when I stick a camera in his face at the rink.  He just wants to skate and I'm getting in the way.  I'm trying to capture the memory.

So I showed him the video and he gave me a big hug.  I told him that one day, his picture would be on a jumbotron somewhere.  Then I told him to go 'make me proud' and to 'go play hard out there' as he skated off.

More pictures from the game.

 Read the story behind the Tannerheads here.

 Kings win!

 My friend Mandy and her daughter.  A whole new generation of Kings fans.
 Bailey giving the Ducks announcer a hard time.  It must be really hard for him to have to say nice things about the Kings.
 Giving the Blues Goalie, Elliot a hard time.  
Rally Towels.


  1. Awwwww! Isn't it great when your interests intersect like that?

  2. Just wonderful!! :) I have always enjoyed pictures so much, and not everyone around me does ... but the in-laws and extended family are finally coming around. I think my sisters-in-law believe I take more photos of their kids than THEY do, which is probably true, LOL. ;) I watched Trisha Yearwood's new cooking show yesterday, and her Uncle Wilson has always been their family shutterbug. He said something that really struck me, which was that the older you get, the more you enjoy and appreciate all those photos. It's sooooo true!! I loved hearing that!!

    I think it's great you guys went to hockey for your Anniversary & Mothers Day! :) A few years ago, we went to the UFC Fan Expo and a UFC fight for our Anniversary. We both had a fantastic time. The ladies I work with thought it was terrible, unromantic and that I "gave in" by doing that. They still don't understand how it was as much for my husband as it was for me - isn't that what Anniversary's are supposed to celebrate?!? I think it's awesome! :) Great post!!

  3. Looks like you had fun! I love that you got teary in that video - so sweet! I love all the picts too :) and the paper, and the....everything!

  4. What a great post and video. Enjoyed it.

  5. So much fun to be there IRL and what a sweet video. Yes, that's why! Right?! LOL!! It's a nice reminder :)