Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easy Canvas Prints, Mothers Day, Hockey and some crafty stuff......

I was contacted last year by Easy Canvas Prints and asked if I would order a print to check them out, print a review etc etc.

You can see the previous reviews here.  That photo was a gift for my father on his birthday.

Anyway, I've been so happy with their service over the last year and have ordered several prints from them in various sizes.  These make fabulous gifts for grandparents!  They also make fun, easy home decor and the quality is top notch.

Right now they have a deal posted on their Facebook page.  Get an 8x10 FREE - just pay the shipping.

In case you aren't a Facebook person, heres the link to the FREE canvas.

I'm in the process now of uploading and ordering for Fathers Day.

Mothers Day...... was spent with family (of course) but my family are hockey fans so we were also sitting around watching a hockey game.  How dare they schedule Mothers Day on a hockey day??  ;)

 Well they won.  4-0.  A shutout.  On Mothers Day.

And there were some canvases for Mothers Day as well I just don't have a photo of them (yet).  I'm working on that.

They were all wrapped in kraft paper (I love this stuff!) and Bakers Twine.

My son wrote out his own cards this year!

I still have some exciting news to share but I can't just yet.  And now that the sun is perfect, I'll be photographing a few more projects to share here!


  1. I like how you wrapped up your gift, which is a stunning photo by the way :)

  2. A perfectly wrapped gift on for mother, it will be great pleasure for us to put an smile on her face.

  3. how how awesome! love how you wrapped it !!

    can't wait for your awesome news!

  4. Nice! its so nice! What a wonderful idea you have mama hockey!