Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nametag with {flair}

Until I get my permanent nametag at work, I have to wear this temporary one.  A simple white piece of cardstock that some guy scribbled my name on.

Its been killing me!  I needed something a little

So I cut up some My Minds Eye paper and added my name in Thickers and a little {flair}.

I'm also wearing an apron for now because I've got to have all kinds of tools with me (hole punch, pen, scissors, box cutter......)  I had this apron made a few years ago by one of the 2 Peas Garden Girls.  I can't remember her name and she's no longer on the team.  But she made aprons and I had her make me one since I can't sew to save my life!

I get lots of compliments on the apron and the nametag!


  1. oh that is just way too cute!! you are going to have the best name tag!

  2. we scrappers can't wear a white name tag :)
    love the new tag!

  3. Very cute!
    The tag and the apron :)

  4. Yep, you gotta show what you know. Cute tag and apron!

  5. Good idea to make your own name tag. A scribbled on white one doesn't sound very cute at all. Love the apron-there are days when I wish I had something like that.