Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid-Life Crisis

Today I turn 35.  I don't know it is but the older I get the harder the birthdays are to accept.  25 was hard because I was *almost* 30.  And really, after 25, what is there to look forward too?

16 - drivers license
18 - you can vote, join the military and play the lotto
21 - you're an adult, you can drink and gamble
25 - good driver discount

After that, you might as well sign up for AARP.   I know, its a bad way of thinking but really, its what went through my mind.

And then I hit 30.  That was hard.  30.  I mean, now what?  Then I slowly crept into my 30's.  Life wasn't horrible but I had made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30 and I hadn't crossed many off the list.

Then I started breaking up my 30's into sections.  The early 30's.  I made a few things happen.  So far the 30's weren't too bad but man, those *mid* thirties were creeping up.

34.  Wow.  34 years old.  I'm getting up there.

And now 35.  Officially in my *MID* thirties.  Thats halfway to 40 you know.  That 40 is just hanging around the corner, creeping up on me.

So where is all of this going?  A teeny tiny mid-life crisis is where it went.  I didn't do anything too drastic but I did *do* something.  I got a tattoo.  Not my finest moment but it was one of the last things on my list to cross off.  There is only one thing left and sadly, life throws you curveballs and I can't say that I'll ever get to cross it off my list now but the older I get, the easier it is to accept it.

So, this tattoo thing.  I have no idea where it came from but I was 16 when I first said it.  I was a total wimp and thought I would never do it.  My hockey team was in the finals and if they won, I said I would get a tattoo as soon as I turned 18.  They lost.  My friend made the same pact with himself.  And here we are, 19 years later finally getting tattoos.

It coincided with my 35 things to do before I turn 35 list.  I made this list with my original list in mind and added a few things.  Getting a tattoo was one of them regardless of where my team ended up this season.  They ended up dead last in the seeding AND had the lowest goal total for the year along with a poopy special teams.  Yeah, they weren't winning the Cup.  We'd be lucky to get out of the first round alive.

So they won.  It just so happens that it all happened within a week of my birthday.  Pretty nice present right?

I want to thank my friend Cori who didn't let me back out of this, who wouldn't let me be the baby I am and not get this.  And for my husband who went along and laughed at me as I wiggled in the chair.

If you made it this far, yay!  Now I reward you with really awesome blackmail pictures!

 breakfast at Schooner or Later in Long Beach.

 Welcome to Venice Beach.  My first time too!

 These Jamaican tumblers were on fire!  Fun to watch 
and they told some funny jokes.  None appropriate to post 
here but the crowd was laughing!
 Everyone is on the Kings bandwagon.

 Dude, thats HAIR!
 Sorry, couldn't resist!

 And then these guys!  Wow!  Break dancing.  There were groups 
of performers all along the walk.

 More off color jokes from these guys too.

 Time to face the music!
 The shop owner is a HUGE Kings fan.  He was
offering free tattoos if you went with a specific
design OR 50% off any other Kings design.  I
wanted my own design so I took the 50% off deal.
 I won't lie, it hurt but it was more annoying than pain
(does that make sense?)
Halfway through.....
 Blackmail picture......
 I can't believe I actually went through with it!

 So after a little mid-life crisis I'm ready to face 35!


  1. Happy Birthday and have an awesome day!

  2. Now that is one thing I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE. I used to share a house with a tattoo artist and just the sound of the machine makes me run away! Happy Birthday Tattoo to you though. Venice Beach looks fun. Perhaps I will get there one day. If you think turning 35 is going to give you a mid-life crisis, then try being 41. In fact, it doesn't bother me. I have had to accept that many things I wanted to do will not happen because of my health - and there is plenty to look forward to. Ali x

  3. I absolutely, completely, and totally understand exactly what you're going through!! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has struggled with this!!! It doesn't seem that others have near the issues with "age" that I do ... so THANK YOU for posting this!!!

    I had a really hard time turning 30. I cried and cried. I loved having birthdays, just not getting older, LOL. :) It was so hard to accept that I was now the age where I should be "acting like an adult," whatever that means. It still bugged me when I met my now husband when I was 31 and he was 23! :) That age gap doesn't seem quite as significant because I look and feel much younger, and he's very mature, so it evens out, LOL.

    When I turned 35, it was hard on me again, but I was also finally at the age where people were supposed to quit hounding us about if we were going to have kids or not (they didn't). I have dragged my feet the last 5 years, kicking and screaming the whole way, because I'm a month away from facing the big 4-OH, and I again feel like hiding under the covers. I really and truly do NOT want to be 40 years old!!! I just remember how OLD and ANCIENT that was when I was younger. I know people my age who are grandparents already!!! I don't think I can face it. At least not without a few dozen shots of tequila, LOL!! :)

    So many of my classmates and friends are embracing their 40th. I hate it. It's a good thing no one believes I'll be 40 ... because it's going to be a big secret!! :)

    Happy Birthday, and congrats on getting a tattoo. My young hubby has many, and that was one of the first things we did after we got married. :) Stay YOUNG AT HEART!! :)

  4. I giggled through this whole thing! What a fun day! Happy Birthday!!

  5. wow!

    to me 35 is YOUNG!!!! My philosophy is age is just a number-- who cares what it is! it should be about how you feel! I feel great and am happy that i can do all the wonderful things that i can do- never focus on the number focus on how you feel- if you don't like that then change how you feel about things! good luck! and remember to have fun at any age!

  6. LOL...Oh my...the beginning of your post reminds me so much of my youngest's thoughts about turning certain ages. You have to see this layout: Evidently, you have 5 years before your life is on the downswing! Me...Gulp! I'm sliding fast!