Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apologies for the silence

I've been sick.  Really sick.  The kind of sick where you wish the Mayans were right on 12/21.

But I'm on the upswing.  Its only been 10 days now but who's counting?

I had a lot of time in bed to make lists of things to do.  One of them was to clean out my room.  I have too much stuff and for the first time in a while, I felt like chucking all of it.

I ended up cleaning out every corner of the room and getting rid of at least half of what I have in here.  Thats 18 inches of paper alone.  Countless embellishments and other random bits like extra mists, stamp sets and whatever else I just had to have.  It all needs a good home.

I'm slowly listing things on Flickr.  Prices and shipping are listed for each item.  I upload a few things every couple of days so keep checking back.

Maybe this major cleanup will spark my mojo.  I haven't really made anything for a while.  My December Daily sits at Day 3 (how sad is that?)

I still have more cleaning to do.  There is one corner in here I haven't touched yet that needs a good purge.


  1. one of my to do things for the new year is the same cleaning my room,
    so i can scrap. i find it difficult to clean out stamps, as i like stamping very much, so i think i start with paper first :)
    But as your room is clean now you can scrap! i am still working on my dec. daily.

  2. Oh my girl! I hope you get better very soon. So sorry you have not felt we'll for so long! Take care!