Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kit killer

I have so many kits at this point that I'm out of room.  They are overflowing from their new home to the floor where they cascade in this sad plastic baggie waterfall.  I need to do something about that.  In an effort to clear out I purged a bunch of items.  I've got kit pieces I will never use, older kit items that just don't appeal to me anymore etc.  I'm also trying to use them up one layout at a time.  I belonged to Studio Calico forever but recently cancelled that sub to try out Citrus Twist and Cocoa Daisy.  At the end of 6 months for both of these I will be sticking with Cocoa Daisy exclusively.  They fit my style best.  Now I need to make room for their awesome kits which means making stuff.

This was made with one of the first Cocoa Daisy kits I received.  My sons school has Moms and Muffins day where all moms go to school and get their nails painted, crafts and then play time on the playground.  This is also the last year for this since its a pre-school thing.  Next year he's in Kindergarten and they don't do as many fun activities like this.

Feel free to browse the stuff I'm getting rid of here.  Email me at ohmy17(at) if you see something you like.  The prices are not set in stone and I will combine shipping on multiple items.

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