Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Title Help + Blog Hop Preview

This weekend......

There will be a chance to win a free set of {flair} and be inspired by the incredible Design Team.  Mark your calendars and follow the blogs this weekend!

And now.......

I need title help.  I've been sitting on this layout for over a month now and can't think of anything.  I'm usually pretty lame when it comes to titles for my pages but this one stumps me.  Its a picture of my son from the Calgary Stampede fair where he's playing that fishing game.

All papers and embellishments are from the October Afternoon Midway line.


  1. really sweet layout! what about "fishin' for the big prize" or "just one more try, please". something that either describes what he's doing or that he may have said.

  2. Love this page! How about Go Fish or Gone Fishin'?

  3. So cute! How about, "Catch of the day," "Just add water," or "Who needs water?"

  4. Duck stampede? My titles are usually lame as well. Great page- you're right to want a great font there. When I can't think of anything I usually get super literal and just make the place name my title. this one would be state fair or Calgary Stampede. Yeah I'm Captain Obvious today. :)

  5. @lil gikI like 'fishin' for the big prize'! I think I'll use that one.


  6. @Michelle Hernandez lol

    My titles are always boring. I usually roll with it but this just needed something cuter.