Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Kings Go!

Is it almost that time? Yes it is. Hockey season is creeping up on us. Slowly creeping up. So I finally finished the book for my friend Brian. I like his better than mine. I managed to find an actual patch from a jersey on ebay (love that place sometimes) and glued it to the cover. makes it look more official. Inside is plain purple and silver photo mats cut to fit mostly 4x6 pics and some other sizes. My second favorite page is the first page - dedicated to Luc Robitaille - the King of Kings.

Speaking of Luc, I just received an email from the Kings that they'll be retiring Luc's jersey on January 20th. Its a game against the Coyotes, which means that whiney biatch Gretzky will be there. He better not try to hone in on Luc's night. So, I'll be wearing that 2005-06 Season Ticket holder Luc jersey one more time before its retired. Okay, I'll wear it once more when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame and THEN I'll retire it.

As for the 2 peas Blog question for this morning:
What do you look forward too during the middle of the week?

I look forward to the weekend. Especially when I have fun things planned. I have a class this Friday night at the Scrapbok Oasis in Irvine with Kelli Crowe. Two classes actually. And then Saturday, I'll be driving down to the Pink Pineapple for a class with Michelle Hill (Yes, I follow her everywhere I love her classes.) I'm dragging my lucky mother along to both of these. Pictures to follow......

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  1. Just about 3 weeks to go!! Then Kings hockey and those drives to STAPLES - I can just see the traffic in my mind again! Anyways, the Kings book looks great. Can't wait to see what you did for Luc's page...knowing you, probably something cool and special Thanks E!