Sunday, August 13, 2006

Long week.

It's hard to be away from home for so many days. You get nothing done. I spent the entire week communting from a hotel room by the beach. Sounds nice, except for the fact that we were never really down there. We both worked so many hours this week that all we did was sleep down there. It was still a nice change and the commute took about 15 minutes compared to our usual hour long (or more) drive. Cute little room. We had a balcony but we were on the side of the building so we had to look to the right to see the water. Still nice.

And I finally got my husband to watch the Curious George movie with me. I love that monkey. I even had a Curious George birthday this year. My last birthday. No more after this one. I'm going to stop at 29 and pretend that life at 29 is where its at. Of course, 30 may not be too bad if the few things up my sleeve happen. We'll see.....

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