Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Parade.

This was the reason I went. I don't remember seeing this before so this was the reason I made my husband deal with the parking and take the day off to do this. Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland knows you used to park in the huge parking lot and walk up to the front gates. Because Disney sullied the name of the NHL by creating " The Mighty Ducks" hockey team, I've avoided them. I won't give them my money. But I broke down and went. The parking has changed. In place of the parking lot, they've erected the excuse for a park, California Adventure. Now, you park in a structure and are shuttled to Downtown Disney and then walk to the front of the park. Why they've made this so difficult, I'll never know. But I've seen the park now and can die in peace. I won't be going back anytime soon.

I will say this, during the parade, there was some Florida locals there talking to another group from Canada that come down every year to celebrate their kids birthdays. The Floridians had nothing good to say about the California location of Disney. It took all of my restraint not to say something to them. Now, I've been to both parks and yes, the Florida parks ARE better. However, I will say this. Walt Disney didn't have the land in California to do what he did in Florida so his original creation earns more of my respect than his later development. Also, whatever he couldn't accomplish in CA, he was able to in Florida. California is the rough draft, a wonderful rough draft and without that, Florida wouldn't be as good as it is. So a big tongue wagging to the people from Florida. If you don't like my park, leave. My castle may not have a restaurant and be three times smaller than the one in Florida, but its still better. Its original. Sorry about the vent. I know not everyone is like this, but she was so LOUD about it, it was annoying. And the poor Canadians kept saying that they liked this park. Their kids liked this park better and since it was their birthday present every year, this is why they made the trip.

They have their pride and I have mine.

Now, pictures......

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  1. I, too, have been to all four parks in FL. I think D'World is way too massive! I prefer our quaint and homey feeling D'Land - plus some of OUR rides are better than THEIR'S - SO that THAT upset FL lady that bothered my friend! :)