Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Not the Kings as a whole, just the goaltending. Pathetic is the only way to describe Dan Cloutier. He is a steaming pile of pooh. There was so much steam coming from that net last night, I could barely see the play. Not that I was missing much.
Except for a few defensive breakdowns, which is to be expected, he can be blamed for almost all of those 5 goals. Sad, really. The first goal was scored from the NEUTRAL ZONE! No one ever scores from behind the frickin' blue line! But no, he managed to let that one in. And then a second one a few minutes later.
I want to know what Crawford was thinking putting this guy in goal when Barry Brust should have had the start.
And to listen to the post game interview with this pile of pooh, he keeps making comments like "we made mistakes", "we didn't follow through" etc. Sorry, honey, YOU are the one who is making mistakes. YOU are the one who isn't following through.

The fat guy in section 107 could play better!!! Seriously!

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