Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Updating my profile....

I was recently brought to my attention that I need to update my profile. The children comment no longer stands.
As of next July, I will be a parent.
But will the traveling stop?

I plan on showing my kids the world. If I have to sell my blood to do it, I will. My grandparents made sure I was educated in travel and so will my kids.
So, She Travels will be traveling a little less, but still traveling.
Well, as soon as the kid knows who Mickey Mouse is, its off to Disneyworld.
And in 2009 when Luc Robitaille is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, you'll find the family in Toronto cheering him on. ***Those who know me, know that if I have a boy, he'll be the Kings first round draft pick in 2025. :) *** The kid already has his first King jersey.
New York - we'll be in New York at least once a year.
So many places to take the kids........

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