Sunday, October 19, 2008


Making things. I'm in a creative vortex right now.

Be back later with more layouts.

To answer a question left in the comments about the Clip It Up. Is it worth it? Well, I got it on sale so yes I think it is worth it. And before, I had no really good way to hold all of my sticker letters. I hated not knowing and the 'filing' system I had never allowed me to see what I had without sifting through. And as I collected more, the more difficult it became to maintain the filing.

So I think my CIU allows me to better see what I have, how many of them I have (because you can never have to many sticker letters, you know) and to organize them by color. Actually within each color section, they are organized by chipboard, felt, plain stickers, vinyl etc. So I can see ALL of the red chipboard fonts I have in the same place.

I know some people make their own and if you have a room where you can do this - I say go for it!! Personally, I didn't have a place to do this without drilling more holes and covering up my pretty blue walls. So I chose this route. I have enough extra space in my room to do this.

And hopefully, part of this creative vortex I'm in right now will allow me to clean some of this room up. The piles are getting to me!!!


  1. I think that if you have enough room a CIU would be worth it but for those who have a pretty cramped space (like me), you just have to do with some sort of filing system.

  2. Oh, so true Anna.
    I had no space in our old condo and am one lucky girl to have my own space. Its almost clean so I'll be taking pictures of it soon!