Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you blink. you might miss it

life that is. February came and went and now here we are - halfway through March.
It seems that we are always on the go.

It started off with my grandfathers 80th birthday.

I like to spike Nicks hair.
Nick gave Great Grandpa a pair of baby skates for his birthday so he can learn how to skate.
We go to the park almost every day and Rascal gets to come along. Nick put himself in charge of walking Rascal now so I just follow behind with the camera!
So glad that Target has the Summer stuff out on shelves now. We finally got a replacement bubble gun to blow bubbles. Dad threw the bubble bottle away last year so we've been on the hunt for a new one. :)

We made a cake and licked the beaters.
Rascal got to go to Petsmart and ride in the cart - a favorite activity of his.
We drove down to Carlsbad to see a friend. She pointed out a sushi place that I don't think I can eat at!
Rode behind a tractor.
And mastered the remote.
And its only March 16th!!! Somewhere in there, I managed to make a lot of cards AND some layouts. I'm resizing them for the gallery and the blog.

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