Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the midst of creative fury....

I took a break!
To watch my Kings play. The Kings who suddenly decided to play decent hockey.

Plus, it was against Vancouver so I got to see my Jason Labarbera - only during warmups though.
We didn't take Nick this time so it was a nice evening out for me and mom. Normally we take him but we decided to have him sit this one out. The little Kings fan. So, just mom and I. In our seats. Making fun of players. Coaching from 206 and making fun of the idiot fans around us.

One couple sat and talked the entire game. And no, not about hockey. About everything else. Why go? Why pay that money? Go to a coffee place and talk about the economy, your kids cold, missing homework. Oh, there was the occasional question from the female asking why something occured on the ice. The male could barely answer that. He wasn't watching the game so he had no idea what had actually happened and secondly, his explanations were quite funny.

The Vancouver goaltender left the net on a delayed penalty and the woman shrieked 'whats he doing?' The male says 'I don't know but he should get a penalty for it'. You know, it almost sounded like I was at a Ducks game. Their fans say stupid things like that.

The Kings had the lead the entire game. Early in the 3rd period, with a 2 goal lead, the male states that the Kings need to pick up their game if they plan on catching Vancouver. Yeah, okay. They also need to score more. It would be more exciting. No, sir. Those one goal games are pretty exciting. It could go either way. See , this is the NEW NHL. The NEW and supposedly improved NHL. With cheerleaders, wait, sorry. Ice Girls. Exagerated scoring and no talent hacks trying to take someones head off with their stick. And all the while, I hear the people around me drooling over Alexander Frolov. Why, I ask myself? Why Frolov. Or Froloaf - so named because he 'loafs' in the corners waiting for the puck to come to him. And then he tries to wow everyone with his patented wrap-around. The same wrap-around that hasn't resulted in a goal in at least 3 seasons. He skates like he has bricks on his feet instead of skates. This is supposed to be our hot ticket Russian star player. The one who's going to be the face of the franchise. Hey, if you want the face of the franchise to be some monkeys butt, by all means - do it.

I'm a little jaded lately because the GM keeps trading away any decent players we have that CAN score goals. He has this master plan to rebuild the team and at a recent Season Ticket holder event, he showed us this glorious spreadsheet with the current holes. (I love spreadsheets so of course, I professed my love for him AND his SS's.) Then he started trading away the youngsters. The ones he claimed you have to get when they're yung'ins and 'mold' them into the players you need them to be. Yes, he said 'mold'. So, they've been molding some of these 'yung'ins' for a few seasons and then he trades them. Wha'? Wait a sec. I thought you said we had to mold them. Brand them with the Kings logo. So why trade?

Off my soap box. Just to recap though, he traded away a goal scorer/sniper which this team so badly needs this season. How is that kid doing? 7th in the leasgue in goals. 13th in points. The last time I checked he was sitting at 34 goals, 33 assists for 67 points.

And where is Froloaf sitting? 27 goals, 25 assists for 52 points. So much for Russian Superstar.....

Anyway, a few pictures from the game taken with my Blackberry.
Opening Faceoff

Kings fan celebrate goal #3

Kings on the attack

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