Friday, August 20, 2010

OC Fair

Last year, Nick wasn't old enough to go on many of the rides. This year, he could ride pretty much everything.

We just got him a ticket pass and turned him lose. In between rides, we stuffed him full of fair food.

I'm such an upstanding parent.

And because its just how this family works, Nick 'won' a goldfish playing one of the games. Its a family tradition. (Cue Hank Williams....) My mom won them. I won them and now Nick wins them. And these are hearty fish. They don't die. (Unless someone *coughcoughdadcoughcough* steps on them when they jump out of their temporary bowl.)

So 'Orange' was added to the tank with the other two fish. Pete and No Name. We have a small, medium and large goldfish now.


  1. Or when daddy cough cough bakes them by putting them in too hot of water. cough cough,

  2. Oh Carrie, thats classic. The last one I won my dad stepped on him. I didn't have a tank and they used to give them to you in the baggies back then. So we brought him home and used one of those plastic butter containers until we could get to Petsmart. Well, he jumped out of there and landed on the kitchen floor. My dad went in late at night to get water and stepped on him. He slid across the kitchen floor on fish guts. And then he had to tell me what happened.