Friday, August 13, 2010

Chicago in 30 pictures or less....

Its about time I got around to posting something here. Since I haven't had much time to be crafty I'll post some pictures from Chicago. I was there for CHA so I only had one day to really get out and see the city.

Here's my friend from Therm-o-web Adhesives. He's a Blackhawks fan and he told me in January they would win the Cup. So while testing out their adhesives, we had a good-natured brawl over who's hockey team was the best.....

Guess who won?
Last time I was in Chicago, I was here by myself. This time my mom went with me so I had someone to sightsee with. We pretty much agree. Chicago is a lot like New York - but cleaner. Newer actually. But New York is still #1 on my list.

We did the trolley tour around the city. You can pretty much hop off/hop on at any of the 15 stops. Pretty cool. Our only stop was Navy Pier.

Where we took one of the coolest boat rides. 55 knots out on Lake Michigan and then into the river that runs through the city.

I even got to use my Clipa on the boat. The floor was wet and I had valuable stuff in this bag. So we hung it from the back of the seat in front of us. If you don't have one of these yet, you need to get one! Run to the store and buy one!
We did NOT go on the massive Ferris Wheel or the AeroBalloon rides.

Our tilted view from the boat. I was trying to hold on as we bounced along the Lake and get some pictures of the skyline.

Then it was into the city for the other half of the tour.
Trump Tower

Sears Tower (Now Willis Tower - whats up with that?)

The Corn Cob Buildings - yes those are cars parked there

The Wave - this was designed by a female architect.

I think this was the Chicago Sun Times building. Can't remember, but its cool either way.

And this was probably my favorite part. My mom had read something about 'The Bean' so we had to find it. Its in Millenium Park right where the tour started so we walked over there to check it out.

I'm sorry, but how cool is this? It reflects the entire city line. I came home with a sample of some new Basic Grey papers. There is a paper in the Wander line that is perfect for this. Look for that in my gallery in the coming weeks.

Can you find us?
And just like that, it was time to go home. Until next summer Chi-Town.

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