Sunday, August 22, 2010

Short and sweet update

This boy.....


He's been trained for a couple of weeks now but he wouldn't wear big boy underwear. We started the potty training journey about 6 months ago and its been an uphill battle. I finally just let it go when everyone kept telling me that boys just DON'T potty train until they're 4. Okay fine. I won't push it. And then one day, he magically started using those pull ups we've been stocking for almost a year. But he wouldn't wear the underwear. Not even when I bought him Thomas the Train underwear. Or Cars. Or monsters.

We have a garage full of toys to bribe him. You know what it took? Telling him that if he wore big boy underwear that we'd take him on the Train. Like, the REAL train. Not the kiddie rides at the mall or the fair. The REAL train. Like the one that 'blows smoke' and goes 'woo-woo'. (His words, not mine).

But then he came down with a cold and ear infection two days before the BIG trip. So we postponed it for another week.

We're all proud of this 3 year old! Now the only fights we have are over the character on his undies!