Monday, March 7, 2011

Venice Beach

First stop - Urbanic.  Much smaller than I expected but a lot of fun stuff packed into a small space.  I definitely need to go back. 

 We walked up and down Kinney Abbot.  So many cute shops - so little time.  A quick bite to eat here.
 Then we drove down to the beach area.  Cruised along the beachfront and decided we needed to come up on a day when we had more time.
 More Abbott Kinney.....

 Cool mural.
 Thats exactly what you think it is.  Sorry, I had to post it.  I just think its funny that everyone is so against legalizing it yet there are places that 'fill prescriptions'.
 More murals.

We have a day planned in March to spend the entire day in Venice and Santa Monica.  The Pier. The Aquarium.  The beach.

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  1. Your photos made me wanna visit Venice!! I do wish that I can go there someday. Tfs all the awesome shots :)