Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You gotta think about that

We took Nick to see the Imagination Movers.  He loves them.  If you don't know them and you have kids - you should.


They are NOT the Wiggles.

They are NOT Barney.

They are NOT annoying.  At least I don't think so.  They're cool.  They are 4 dads from New Orleans that started a kids rock band.  If I'm going to be humming songs I hear on a childrens channel, I'd like it to be their songs.  At least they're cool.

And I do find myself singing their songs.

When I have a problem, erm, Idea Emergency.  You gotta think about it.  You gotta talk about it.  You gotta sing about it.

This was huge.  My parents take Nick to stuff all the time (Mickeys Magic Show, the Circus etc) but this was his first concert.

After dropping a weeks paycheck on souvenirs and concessions, we found our seats.  Dead center, and close enough that we were still part of the show.  They came out into the audience a lot which was cool.

The show started with Choo Choo Soul.  Another one I really like. Hey, it gets Nick to do letters and numbers.

DC and Genevieve put on a great show!  They are lively.  DC has some moves too.

Then the Movers came out.  What a great show!  They brought along Nina, Warehouse Mouse and Eddie, the Warehouse Monster.  They sang all of our favorite songs and even some new ones from the new season.

By the time it was over and they were coming out for the encore, my son was asleep in his chair.  My mom and I were still dancing though.

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  1. LOL, Oh Erica, we dont have the imagination movers out here, but it sure looks cool for any young toddler!!! that last photo melt my heart, what a cutie!!