Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 years

Last November marked 12 years for us.  12 years ago I was just getting out of a horrible relationship and wanting nothing to do with men.  And then you came into my life.

I actually knew you were coming.  My mom took me to a psychic - not one of my better moments.  However, the odd things she told me ended up coming true.  She said I would get a new job.  I found out I was getting laid off shortly after that.  She brought things up - random things.

Then she told me there were 3 men in my life.  One from the past, one from the present and one from the future.

Past - an old friend who I'd lost contact with because of the present man.  He plays an important role in my life now.

Present - well, he doesn't need to be discussed.  He's now 'the past'.

Future - she said I would meet my husband in the next 6 months but I wouldn't know it.  After that layoff, I got a job working for a company the same week Bryan got a job there.  It took us a few months to actually 'meet'.  We'd meet after work for drinks and talk.  Just talk.

Then dinner.  He thought my food quirks were 'cute'.  I don't eat dressing on salads and I like my sandwiches plain - no condiments.

12 years.  (Journaling is on the pull out journaling tab under the '12'.)  I used Echo Park 'Be Mine' collection and KI Memories Sew Cute Calendat paper.


  1. That is such a sweet romantic story Erica!
    Goes to show that somewhere there is a masterplan for all
    Beautiful layout.Love that shaped paper. I too seem to be in love with all things Echo Park atm.

  2. awwwww. very sweet! good job on the layout.

  3. What a beautiful story! Congrats!

  4. you used pink!!!!!

    I came out great :)