Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dads and Doughnuts day

Nicks school had a Dads and Doughnuts day last month.  Just Dads.  I really wanted to go and take pictures but we weren't allowed.  No moms.

So Bryan took some with his phone (but you know he missed out on the good ones).

I heard there was shaving.  The kids got to shave daddy with shaving cream and popsicle sticks.  No pictures of this.....

They colored, played outside and then had doughnuts.

Oh and the kids drew pictures of their dads and answered some questions.  The answers are funny.  One kid said his dad 'played with money' when asked about his job.

Nick is obsessed with snails.  He finds them and makes sure everyone sees them.

Before they left, I snapped a quick picture.  Nick didn't want his picture taken.
And Nicks answers.

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  1. LOL! Nick is so adorable. Love his answers to the questions. Dad is 3?! Haha.