Friday, June 17, 2011

Did anyone call a tow truck?

My moms transmission went out on her Durango recently so we had it towed to the repair shop.  Of course, Nick was off school the morning they guy came to get it so in typical boy fashion, he was parked at the curb watching every detail of the pickup.

He even asked the guy when he got there 'if he was the tow truck man?'
Thats my truck.  The Kings-Mobile.  I used to have a sticker that covered my entire back window that said 'Kings Rule'.  I was so sad when I had to take that off but it was peeling.  

He watched every move the guy made and then later.....

He explained in detail how he hooked the car up and put it on the truck.  My little Italian.  Using his hands to talk.

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