Monday, June 27, 2011

On my iPod

and my iPhone and iPad.  Because I'm an Apple freak.  You know what they say 'An Apple a day keep the doctor away.'  The PC Doctor that is.  2 years virus and upgrade free and still running smooth.

Anyway, back to my playlist.  I've added a few songs this week worth mentioning.

First, this one: (I'm addicted to this song.  I have to listen to it at least once an hour.  )
Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

  And then I love this one too:
Airborne Toxic Event - Changing

How about this one?  Such Great Heights - Postal Service

Cake - Long Time
And I jumped on the Adele bandwagon a couple of weeks ago.  I pretty much downloaded everything she's done BUT this song is my fave.
A few others trending right now....

Brandon Flowers
Counting Crows (they've been trending since 1993 BEFORE Mr. Jones)
The Script
The Temper Trap

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