Monday, July 23, 2012

Calgary in pictures

I truly am jealous of anyone that gets to live in Canada.  There is so much natural beauty in Alberta alone that its really hard to come home.  I know everyone up there would gladly trade lives and come down here.  Anyone up for a house swap?

An overview of the trip in pictures:

 At the Calgary Stampede.
 First Nations Princess.

 Meeting Gracie from Studio Calico!

My cousin Bryce.
 Bryce got us a barn tour where we met the Chuckwagon teams.

 Wayne Knight

 Wayne Knight is in the blue wagon.
 Wayne Knight wins!
 The evening show.
 I had to escape the heat and crowds of the city so we headed to the mountains.  I love Banff.

 Bow Falls.

 Athabasca Glacier

 Morraine Lake
 We walked the 5k trail to the waterfalls.
 Lake Louise.

 After a few days in the mountains, we headed back.  We let N skate a couple of times to practice.  Since he was going to miss 2 weeks of lessons, we figured he could use a little practice.

 Heading up to Edmonton.

 The school my grandfather went to.
 My grandfather had a 'corner' in the basement lunch room.  It was his corner and no one else was allowed to sit there.  At the time, he was the schools star hockey player so everyone listened.  N wanted to site in Great-Grandpas 'spot'.
 The photo of my grandfather.  Hes in the bottom left on the end.
 This rink wasn't there when he went to school but the hill behind it was.  He said he used to sit at the top of the hill during lunch and when the principal would blow the whistle, he used to pretend he couldn't hear it.  ;)
 Riding the train.

 Heritage Park.

 We explored some of the restored train cars and saw some fun things.  I think it would be cool to travel the way they did back then.

 There were bunk beds above the sitting area in some of the rooms.

 The 'cheap seats'.
 They had bunk beds too.
 Then it was off to the Indian Village where we learned to shoot a bow and arrow.

 Mountie training.
 We still don't always know the left from the right.  ;)
 Got it!

Officially a Mountie!

I edited 800 photos down to 400 and these are just a few.  I didn't take as many thing trip because I have so many from last summer.  I don't need duplicate photos!  In between editing, I've been working on finishing up the mini album I took with me.  I'll be posting pictures in the next couple of days.


  1. Awesome pictures. Look like everyone had a great time. That is so cool that your granddad was the hockey king of his school. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love all the photos...especially the mountains and lakes!

  3. your photos are awesome- lots of family memories

  4. What a wonderful trip! Your photos are amazing! I have always wanted to visit Banff! Now I really want too! :)

  5. Your photos are amazing. That blue-green lake...ahhhhh! So cool that you were able to see your grandfather's high school and special "spot"!

  6. Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to book a trip!

  7. You got some fantastic photos and it looks like you had an amazing, fun-filled time!

  8. Great photos, yes isn't Banff just beautiful. We went there a few years ago, stunning.
    As for trading lives, I love Canada too much, but I may be willing to do a short term house you have a Hobby Lobby near you, teehee.