Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where did June go?

I'm really not sure how it got to be July 3rd already.  I'm pretty sure I missed most of June.

I know the playoffs kept me busy.  And then there was that pesky new job......

I didn't craft much last month and thats going to change in July.  I already have a girls night planned for this weekend and my bags are packed!  I will be gone for over a week on vacation - can't wait!

One of the things thats cool is I've *finally* figured out the Canon ePrint app on my phone.  For some reason it wouldn't recognize my printer.  I ran an update on the app a few weeks ago because it popped up in my updates folder on my iphone.  All of a sudden, it works!

So I've been printing photos on my Canon printer for the *first* time since I bought it.  I love my little Selphy but the photos are so-so.  So I'm back to printing newer photos and getting things printed quickly to scrap.  I can throw a page together whenever I feel like it.  Problem is, time.

I have very little time.  Not to mention that its Summer and I want to spend time with N.   That means more late night scrapping!

I've got a few fun things up my sleeve though.

1.  Vacation posts - I can blog from my phone so there might be some cool vacation posts while I'm gone.  Who wouldn't want to see the Canadian Rockies or the Calgary Stampede?

 All photos are from our 2011 trip.

 Stampede Band.
 Chuckwagon races

 Canadian Rockies

 Lake Louise

 Athabasca Glacier
I still have no idea how I captured such a perfect shot.

2.  I have some crafty posts saved up to share with you while I'm gone.

3. I'm working on a few things right now that I'll share.

So for now, if you remember this post......we got our official Hi-Res photos from the photographer doing the project.  This is something on his Bucket List.  He's using his time and equipment for *no* money from any of us - we just have to show up at his studio on the dates he's offering to do this and wait.  Its for a good cause too - we're raising money for Be The One Match and swabbing for donors.  

And I found out that the Kings organization has picked up on this and will be sponsoring it from this point forward.  Pretty cool.

I had so much fun last time that I thought of a new photo idea.  It sparked a few others just like it which is cool!  My grandfather was one of the original employees for the Kings so my mom and I were raised as fans.  Obviously, my son has followed us into fandom so I took them all up there for a 4 Generation photo.  Here are the proofs.  I CANNOT wait to get the Hi -Res photos to scrap!

Someone snapped this photo of them leaving and I think its just cool.  62 years of marriage and they still agree on one thing.....

Go Kings!


  1. Have a lovely trip away, just think of all the great layouts you can do once you're back! Becky x

  2. Have a wonderful time...awesome pictures, btw!!!

  3. Great photos! Looks like a very fun time.