Monday, June 11, 2012

Just hanging out......

Waiting for the end.  It has to come eventually right?  I thought it would be Game 4 but no.  Game 5 in Jersey?  Nope.  Game 6 for sure....
An amazing friend spreading the word about his amazing son Tanner.

Can't tell you but this Kings fan is hoping they close this up Monday night (I'll come back and update before I publish this.)

In the mean time, lets recap the last week.

On Wednesday, I made my husband drive up to LA with me for Game 4.  IF it was going to be a Kings win, I wanted to be in the middle of everything.  Tickets are outrageous and I'm not going to second mortgage myself to get one.  I love them, but $10,000 for a seat in the nosebleeds?  Its not the Superbowl people.  Heck, the LA Media can't even get our logo right on the nightly news!
Note: that is NOT our logo.  Not even close.  Thats the BASKETBALL team from Sacramento.
THIS is our logo:

Anyway, I made him go up there on the off chance that destiny awaited.  Silly New Jersey thought they could rain on our parade.

It was just a drizzle really.  Even though they lost, we had a blast!  Made some new friends, met some people we'd been friends with online only.....

So it wasn't all bad.  Oh and we got a 'date night' out of it.  ;)

 Bob Miller and Jim Fox on the radio.

 The 'Sandley' Cup.  Made out of sand.

 Inside the yard House - our game viewing spot.
 Best waitress ever!  Kept the drinks and food flowing the entire night and earned herself a mega-tip at the end of the night.  We ended up have 3 other couples sitting with us (Seating was at a premium).  So we all ordered food and drinks earning her some awesome cash.
 We had our very own Tannerhead.
They lost.

On to Game 5 in New Jersey.  They lost that one too.  There are a lot of Kings fans praying and wishing for a Game 6 victory on Monday night to end a 19 year curse and 45 years of 0 championships.

Sunday, we celebrated a life and the Kings success at a photo shoot.  Someone donated his time to this and its such a great project.

If you're on my Christmas card list - go ahead and skip ahead.  Christmas Card spoiler alert!

 Kings cupcakes donated by someone.  There were trays of cupcakes from various people.  

 N getting his picture taken.  He wanted his hockey stick and then he saw the Stanley Cup.
 Proofs.  (Let me just interrupt here and say my kid is the doppleganger for the Kings Captain Dustin Brown.  See?)


After the shoot, we met up with some of our friends (also Kings fans and also there for the photo shoot) and drove down to Huntington Beach for lunch.

 Huntington Pier
 This guy was dancing.  Just full on dancing.  I have a couple of videos because it was hilarious.  We were all trying to figure out the song based on his moves.  I know one song was Thriller.
 Such a serious face for a 5 year old.....

 Chasing bubbles.....

 So glad I wasn't in the middle of all that.  THAT is one of the reasons I don't like the beach.  All of you out-of-towners might think I'm nuts but I *hate* living here.  I am not a beach person.

And now.....we wait for Game 6.......

Game 6 Update - just finished a bottle of Korbel Champagne while celebrating......


Whats that?  Oh nothing really.  Just THE hardest trophy in all sports to win.  And MY team won it.  tonight.

I love every single one of these hairy men and the effort they put into it tonight (and all season).  They broke some records this season too.

The victory parade is scheduled for Thursday and I'm doing my best to be there in person!  Because after taking 44 years to win this, I can honestly say this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Glad your team won :)

  2. Looks like you have some fin photo's for mini album. Have fun with all the celebrations

  3. Congrats to the Kings for winning the Cup. I'm still miffed they beat my Coyotes in the conference finals, but I'm glad the team that beat them went on to win the Cup because it shows they were beat by the best team in the league this season. The Kings were definitely playing awesomely during the post-season. I hope you get to be at the parade on Thursday!

  4. Congrats to your team. I know how it feels to wait forever for your team to win something and finally succeed!!! Go Saints! lol

    Oh, and you sure do have a lot of great photos to scrap. Better get busy!

  5. You should def go to the parade! I missed all the great parades in Pittsburgh and still feel regret :/ What a fun adventure, and I love how you documented it. So nice to have a great cause highlighted for your friends. I used to harass people endlessly in med school to be swabbed. You wouldn't believe the excuses! Take care :)

    So happy for you!!!
    Now it's the Blues turn next, right?
    One can dream ;)