Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Authentique Kit

I designed this mini using the new Carta Bella Beach Boardwalk line.

The base for this book is a manilla file folder.  Its the perfect mini.  Kit includes instructions on how to fold and cover each section.  You have plenty of paper left over for several layouts, cards etc.

You can call the store to inquire about buying the kit.  Rachel will ship if you are out of town.  OR, if you're local to So Cal, you can participate in the So Cal Shop Hop and visit the store to purchase your kit!

 The cover.  Twine.  Flair.  Veneer and paper clips.  Oh, and Glossy Accents.
 These are awesome Jillibean Soup Sticker letters with Glossy Accents.
 And one of my favorite flair buttons right now.
 Inside of folder.  The bottom third is folded in to create pockets.  I stitched using DMC floss to create the pockets.
 First panel.  And yes, those are mini's within the mini.  More on those later.
 Panel 2.  Another mini in a mini.
 Panel 3.
 Panel 4 and a mini in a mini.
 Back side.

 Now, for those 'mini's in a mini'.  I used the journaling card page to make these.  I cut out 1-2 cards depending on what I was trying to do.  The first one is two cards.  I found two together that I liked and cut them out but left one side attached.
 Then I cut a 3x12 inch strip from white cardstock and folded it accordian to fit inside the folded cards.  So when you open the folded cards, an accordian books falls out.  I used this to store extra pictures.  You can also used those pockets to just stick extra photos in as well.  I just liked the active element.
 You can see how it folds up.
 And the back card.
 This is another mini.  I used a single card this time and fussy cut around the sign.  I cut another 3x12 strip of cardstock and folded it slightly different.  I wanted the paper to fit up under the cut so it was a paperclip.
 When you pull the end you get another accordian mini.
 Its the perfect place for more photos, business cards etc.
 And the last mini is another single card.  I covered it up with our train tickets and an arrow paperclip. My new obsession.  Then I clipped it to the pocket.
If you want to purchase this kit, please call the store.


  1. Fun mini! Love the interactive elements. The papers are perfect with fun summery colors. :)

  2. this is simply amazing!! i love it!!

  3. It turned out FANTASTIC! I love how you used this line!

  4. This is such a fun filled packed mini album.
    I like the file folder idea and I really like the flair :)