Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Hallo-WEENIE!

Got a few pages done before Halloween. I'll post those tomorrow.

Halloween Update:

We finished the last minute decorations right before the first TOT'ers rang the doorbell. We estimated about 300-350 kids would be by the house this year. Same as in past years. We usually have to stock up on candy - as in 15 bags or more. Enough for 1-2 pieces per kid.
We didn't have enough. We actually ran out early. Good thing my parents had some backup candy with them! The first year we were in this house, we never expected to get as many kids as we did. My husband actually ran to the store to get more candy because we were getting low. We didn't want to be the people who locked their doors at 6:30.

So the next year, we planned accordingly and tripled the candy we purchased. Each year we seem to buy a little more. A neighbor and co-worker of my husband said he had 600 things to pass out. 300 bags of animal cookies for the little kids and 300 bags of Cheetos for the bigger kids.

He said by 8:00 he was cleaned out. 1 bag per kid. Thats over 600 kids in the neighborhood. We ran out of our backup candy too and had to close up. Looks like we need to buy even more candy next year!

Of course, the best part of Halloween is the clearance sales. Getting things 50% or more off for next year. And the candy. 50-75% off in some stores. Its a good time to stock up. If you've never purchased from the store, you haven't had the experience of getting something sweet in your box. Well, I have a great selection right now. :)

And the little one? He did just fine. Nothing scared him. He was funny. Checking everything out. Could care less about candy. He was so interested in the decorations. We hit about 8 houses and thats all. Just to give him a taste. Like I said, he was more interested in the 8 million kids running around jacked up on sugar and the flashing lights, recordings that screamed and all of the other 'spooky' stuff going on around him. Mr. Inquisitive.

And like the bad parent I am, I gave my kid candy. I let him have a Tootsie Pop. Lots of teeth brushing over the next 24 hours to make sure that sugar didn't rot his teeth. He was more interested in sucking on the pop then wrapping his hand around it just to see if it was sticky. Mr. Inquisitive I tell ya!

We got lots of compliments on the house. We had motion sensored strobe lights this year. The kids seemed to like the effect when they walked up to the house. But the hit of the show, was Rascal. Yes, I torture him. See the first picture. My little 'Hot Dog'. You know, if he didn't look so demonic here, I think I might have found a new Rascals Corner picture. But those eyes might freak someone out. Of course, he wanted nothing to do with documenting the outfit so this was the best I could get. The kids loved seeing Rascal when we'd answer the door. He got lots of love on Friday night.

Tonight, I'm working on more pages, enjoying the cool weather and my fall candle. Found some candle stash in a cabinet a few weeks ago and I've been burning them all over the house. The temps actually dropped to the 60's this weekend - a little rain even. Don't worry, they'll be back over 80 in a few days. It never lasts long.......

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