Sunday, November 2, 2008


{Edit: Blogger and Photobucket aren't getting along tonight. All of my pictures are loading in HUGE even though I resized them. So I uploaded from the PC instead of PB. Of course, Blogger doesn't like that I rotated the images and resaved them. Its uploading them sideways. I give up!}

Just a few layouts to upload to the Gallery:

Toddler Rules:

I got the idea for this layout from a shirt my mother bought Nick in NY. It had a list of 'rules' that fit his personality. He wants anything and everything people have and will stop at nothing to get it from you. You can't leave anything laying around because he will take it and assume its his. TV remotes, lotion bottles, glasses, cups, silverware, FOOD! So this was perfect and the picture is one of my favorites.

Everyday Fun

From the first trip to the park.

Happy Holidays cards:

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