Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too funny

My son. He's too funny. While he can be a major PITA sometimes, he has one hell of a personality.
We found a 4 pack of these Nerf like balls at Target this weekend. Football, baseball, soccer and basketball. So we took him to the park and let him run around. I think we were more tired than he was afterwards. This was all in a vain attempt to wear him out enough to take a nap. Naps are forced in this house.
But I got a few good pictures of him and he's learning about sports.
And of course, with the cooler weather, I rearranged his closet (one of my favorite things to do) and put all of his winter clothes within reach. Just a few summer things left. He dug this fleece hat and gloves set out of a drawer so I put it on him. He hates hats. I'm surprised I got him to keep it on long enough for me to find a camera and get a picture. Nevermind the messy room in the background - the kids a pig!

And we took him to the new Bobs Big Boy. I know in the Midwest, its Frischs' Big Boy. My husbands family lives in Ohio so I was really excited to eat there the last time we visited. All of our BBB's closed but they are slowly reopening. Another childhood favorite thats reopening - Farrells. Yeah!

Next post will contain some cards I made.

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