Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello from Ketchikan

Hope you enjoyed the projects I posted before I left.

Here are some pictures from the cruise. We’ve only made one stop so far and today is the second one. I haven’t had any luck with the wireless so I have to post when we’re in port. Nothing like blogging from the deck of a cruise ship right?

Astoria, OR

Today is Ketchikan, Alaska. We loved this little town the last time we were here but we booked so many tours, we never got to see the town itself. So this time, we’re not taking the tours and instead, taking in the town.

We’ve had one formal night so far. This is Nick in his John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever suit. Check out the shades.

We took him to the show the first night and he loved it. All the action on stage kept him entertained and everyone around us thought he was a hit! The Captain came out and toasted the crew and passengers before the show started. After everyone applauded him and sipped champagne, Nick kept cheering. So the entire theater burst into laughter – even the Captain. He acknowledged Nick and was glad to hear he was so excited.

Nick is also the youngest on board. He gets attention wherever he goes. Mostly positive recognition. His favorite thing right now is giving high fives or fist bumps. So he has all the waiters giving him high fives and fist bumps as they go by. I’m still trying to get a picture of that. And there are some cranky people who don’t think he should be on board. Oh well, it’s a family cruise. The dinner seating was mixed up the first night so my grandmother (our travel agent and head of the 48 person group) got it fixed. She’s escorting a group for the travel agency that includes us. We were all supposed to be at the same table for dinner, but then put us all at 3 different tables. We were stuck at a table with an older gentleman and his two sisters. He talked to us, but was so deaf, he could barely hear much. His sisters refused to speak with us and everytime Nick made a noise or smiled at them, they would look away. The maitre’d wasn’t going to move anyone until they complained. He was as good as one can expect in the dining room for a 21 month old. Like I said, almost everyone is happy to see him.

Everywhere we go on the boat during the day, people pass him and say ‘Hey Nick!’ or ‘How’s it going today Nick?’ All the women on board flirt with him or should I say he flirts with them.

The waiters are pretty good about getting his bread and fruit plate when we get to the dining room.
I’ll update later in the week from Skagway or Juneau.

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  1. He is so adorable in his suit. SOunds like you are all having fun.