Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Finally.  It was a long 2 weeks but a fun 2 weeks.  I don't have any positive comments for Celebrity Cruises - we all learned that we are partial to Princess and thats who we'll stick with from now on.

Nick was perfect and hard to handle at times.  He really did well for being 22 months old!  It was a little stressful keeping him occupied.  He's very curious and tried to get into everything.  Keeping him focused on things like his crayons and not destroying some area of the ship was hard but with the entire family there to help rein him in, we did just fine. 

My parents even took him for a few nights so we had some Nick-free time.  Not much to do on the boat so we watched our Netflix movies.

I also took 2 Photoshop classes on board.  I've had this program for a while and never really learned how to do anything in it.  So now I know the basics.  I think I can teach myself the rest of what I want to know.  

Whenever I find myself sitting still, I can still feel the motion of the boat.  Just that gentle rocking motion that puts you to sleep.  Its worst when I'm sitting on my stool - like right now!

I've done 5 loads of laundry and have at least 2 left to do.  I never imagined how much laundry we actually got through in 14 days.  But, you figure 2 outfits a day adds up to a ton of laundry.

Lots of orders to fill.  I'm totally procrastinating on them.  I have this bad habit of filling the smaller ones first.  It looks like I'm accomplishing something.  But I'm out of smaller orders and now I'm filling them in the order they came in.  Crazy.  I need to order new products and so much more for the store.  I feel so behind and that I'll never catch up.

I have a bunch of photos to upload and edit (with those new PSE skills I picked up).  I have scrapbook pages to work on and a room to clean.  Someone is coming over this weekend to crop and she'll need her own space.  Gotta work on that!!!  I should do before and after photos so she knows how lucky she is.

Anyway, glad to be home.  Glad to get life back in order.  Glad to get Nick back on his routine after 3 weeks off.

I'm also finding a bunch of stuff that might turn into a RAK here soon.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll do something next week and giveaway some of the piles of (s)crap in my room.

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