Monday, May 4, 2009

Juneau Part 1

A few pictures from Juneau. Waiting for the rain to let up a little so I can run out and grab a few more.
I'm trying not to go overboard on the photos this time. Its our second time up here and I took over 1000 pictures the last time. Nothing much has changed.
The little dude on the way out to shop. Hes napping now. He was so wound up watching everything going on in port he wouldn't nap in the stroller. So we had to come back to the ship for a break. We don't leave until 8:30 so we'll be back out to walk around before we go.

Red Dog Saloon
Ate lunch here before coming back for the nap. We're going on 2.5 hours now which has given me more than enough time on the internet. Man, I miss it!

Menu at the Red Dog. Wasn't sure what I should get.......

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