Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Skagway/Juneau Part 2


Man am I tired of eating. There is food all over this boat. Not too interested in the dining room food but the buffet is amazing. They have a stir fry bar where you can get whatever you want. Since I’m a regular there, the girl always has a bowl ready for me after dinner. I just snack on bread and salad and then head up to the buffet after. Its at the back of the boat so the view is incredible. I enjoy my chicken/carrots/green bean with teriyaki sauce stir fry and the sunset.

Heres a couple of parting shots from Juneau. It started raining while we were in town so it was almost impossible to get a decent shot of the town.

Nick boxing with the waiter. He has started a High 5 craze on this ship. Almost every member of the wait staff stops by the table during one of the meals to give him a high 5. Or a fist bump. We’re working on that too. So the fist bump turned into a boxing match at dinner the other night.

That scout from USC has been watching him and says there isn’t any sport Nick can’t play.


Just spent a couple of hours walking around town. Had a drink at the Red Onion and Nick got his picture taken with the Madame.

Some of the old buildings in town. There are only about 1000 residents here.

Leaving Skagway. Some of the most beautiful scenery yet. The rugged peaks are gorgeous. We just sat outside on the back of the boat. The sun sets around 9:30 or 10 right now. The last time we were up here, we went further north and the sun was setting around 11:30. It would rise at 4-4:30 so there was little darkness. The air is so clear up here so the sunsets are breathtaking.

On to the Hubbard Glacier tomorrow. They say its supposed to be foggy so I can’t guarantee any photos.

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  1. Funny we went to the Red Onion salon too. No pictures with Madam for us though,