Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ketchikan, Alaska

Just a few pictures from Ketchikan.

Creek Street - Ketchikan Creek runs through the middle of town. Its an old boarded walkway that used to house the Red Light District or the Whore Houses. Dollys House is the most famous. It was the first and the last. Residents purchased the house and restored it.

Sailing out of Ketchikan and through some narrow channels. This is part of the inland passageway of Alaska.

Passed some amazing scenery last night and this morning. The snow capped hills are just too pretty for words.

In Juneau today and enjoying some nice rainy weather. It was WAY too hot yesterday in Ketchikan. Now I feel like I'm in Alaska.
And one last one. This is the little dude putting on a show for the crowd in the theater before the show started.


  1. The passages and mountains are beautiful aren't they!

  2. These are great!!! I see a whole album dedicated to this cruise in the future...