Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

8 years. 8 LONG years. (Inside joke.)

12 years if you count the dating. 12 LONG years.

So not to overshadow my last post, because I'm still giddy over it but here are some pictures from the wedding. The sad thing is, I have nothing digital so it was all scanned. Yuck. I'm really not that color. The originals are pretty nice though!

So, on April 27th, 2002 we did the deed.
8 years ago. Really? It seems like only yesterday that I was paranoid over getting the reception hall on the same day we could book the church. And will the food be okay? What about colors? I loved the royal blue/silver combo with some stars maybe? Good luck finding ANYTHING at the time. Of course, wherever I go to day, I see that color combo with a big shooting star or group of stars. 8 years later.....

We were married at Rancho Capistrano.

My parents...

And because its my mothers favorite picture.....

In those 8 years, we've bought a house

Had a baby

Traveled the world

Changed jobs
Started my business

Experienced life together.
I know life throws challenges at us and I know we'll weather the storm. Because who else would put up with me for 8 (12) years?


  1. You know you've permanently jinxed us since you wore the jersey posing next to the Cup IN the HOF, don't you?! :) At least I wore a hat, but not a jersey! Ha Ha! In all seriousness, nice 8 year retrospect!